Najib shaking hands and tossing yee sang

Today’s Page 2 had no mention of the Slime Minister so The Star made up for it by publishing two apple-polishing ones on Page 4. Furthermore, the pictures were of him:

  • Shaking a hand and
  • Tossing yee sang
  • On a related note, how does The Star select which lucky words get to be coloured red?


    “As for as the Malaysia is concerned, he (Najib) is the number one brand ambassador,” he [Genting Group Chief Executive Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay] said…

    Oh the many ways Najib has marketed Malaysia…

    Meanwhile… (Part 3)

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    Presenting Page 4 of The Star today:

    Page 4: Xenophon

    Xenophon on dept’s blacklist:

    Immigration director-general Datuk Alias Ahmad said Xenophon had been listed as a prohibited immigrant because of his statements which humiliated Malaysia.

    Even though there’s a vertical article on the same page with a seemingly alternative view, it brings small comfort (and I would like to point out that its headline used a smaller font and didn’t have that snazzy word “blacklist” in red).

    Why small comfort? Read closely, the entire bottom half of the article mirrors Alias Ahmad’s view.

    Allow senator and his colleagues entry, Govt urged:

    …”This shows that the election system here is free and fair,” he [Tan Chuan Koon, independent think thank Sedar Institute executive director] said.

    …”We should not get outsiders to interfere in the nation’s rule and system,” he [Tan Chuan Koon] said.

    This brilliant plan to kick Xenophon out backfired, because this is exactly what caused the foreign media to write away:

    and many more

    Meanwhile… (Part 2)

    Read Part 1 and Part 3.

    According to staff sources, Page 2 of the Star usually features our Slime Minister making some banal, generic statement against the Opposition. Sometimes, this spewing of unnecessary words is accompanied by a picture of him holding a baby/shaking a hand/tossing yee sang on stage.

    Today’s Page 2:

    The Star Feb 17 Page 2

    PM: Opposition only has attractive slogans

    “Malaysians, he added, could not survive only on nice slogans or huge banners. ‘Can the banners give your children an education? Or repair your homes? The answer is–not at all’.”


    …is he talking about this banner?

    Najib Razak banners in Penang





    Image source: Malaysian Digest


    Meanwhile… (Part 1)

    Read Part 2 and Part 3.

    In a typical newspaper, the most important news goes straight to the front of the page.

    Today’s headline in the Sunday Star:

    Star front page Feb 17

    E-wheeling and dealing

    When e-shopping, beware of the deals that sound too good to be true. In just four months, hundreds have complained of being cheated. Most of them said the goods they bought were either of poor quality or counterfeit products. Others found that they were charged more than the price advertised, paying for things that come with the package that were not mentioned in the offer.



    Slow day, Sunday Star?

    “DAP fella positioned to take video surrounded by noisy jeerers…

    …to drown thousands othrs. Then get MKini to hype it up! Bad boy this LGE! :-)

    So tweeted Abdul Rahman Dahlan, obviously a BN supporter, and according to his Twitter profile:

    • the Kota Belud Member of Parliament
    • Sabah State BN Secretary
    • Member of PAC, Inter-Parliamentary Union & Special Committee on Anti-Corruption under the MACC Act

    Earlier this morning, a Twitter battle between BN and DAP supporters ensued. BN supporters think that the entire video was planned by DAP (of course it was…). Read on to get their (BN supporters’) perspective.

    I’m embedding the video that spurned a thousand tweets. The tweets follow the video.

    The tweets following the video that LGE tweeted (@cmlimguaneng):

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    Update: A BN oppa-tunity: local vs. foreign news reporting

    So Psy came and went.

    Was Psy used for political purposes? Did BN earn a win by bringing Psy in? And was BN’s open house a success?

    I guess it really depends on which news source you read.

    Local news reports

    While The Star remains idiotically optimistic and upbeat, foreign sources knew better.
    The Star’s latest articles today (you can search for the articles yourself. I don’t want to link to them):

    • Najib: BN will solve Penang’s housing and traffic woes
    • Psy leaves Penangites wanting more
    • Penang CM Lim unable to attend BN CNY open house
    • Smooth traffic on all major highways
    • Psy lands in Penang

    Choice quotes from their articles:

    Barisan Youth chief Oh Tong Keong said 20,000 access stickers to the prime “audience zone” right in front of the stage has been distributed… We are very pleased with the huge early crowd turnout,” he said, adding that there were at least 50,000 people present already…

    Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak arrived at the Barisan Nasional Chinese New Year open house to a full capacity crowd Monday. He was accompanied by his wife Datin Rosmah Mansor, looking resplendent in red…

    “It’s not every day that you get to see the Prime Minister and a music superstar,” he said, adding that the atmosphere was very “lau juak” (happening)…

    Ok-lah, we get it. The Slime Minister is awesome, and the whole state came to see him.

    Foreign news organizations

    While the mainstream media tries to pull the wool over our eyes (in vain), news organizations not tainted by the venom of BN are not idiots.

    All their headlines indicate that Psy’s invitation to perform in Malaysia was politically-motivated.

    Says AFP in its article “Psy to perform at Malaysia ruling coalition party“:

    KUALA LUMPUR — South Korea’s Psy will perform his famous “Gangnam Style” dance at an event organised by Malaysia’s ruling coalition, an official said Sunday as the bloc tries to attract young voters ahead of polls.

    It continues on:

    Najib, who must face tough elections by June at the latest, hopes to improve on his coalition’s worst ever poll performance in 2008. Those aged below 40 make up 40 percent of the electorate.

    The New Zealand Herald also ran AFP’s article with the headline “Gangnam Style used in Malaysian election drive“.

    Radio Australia “Psy-light of Malaysia’s election“:

    Malaysia’s ruling Barisan Nasional Party has invited international pop sensation Psy to perform his Gangnam Style dance at its Chinese New Year celebration next week, in a bid to attract the youth vote ahead of elections in April.

    Barisan National’s chief strategist for youth, Neil Foo (@neilfoo) articulates clearly (not!):

    “Rather than getting not a first-hand source of information about Barisan Nasional, at least [the youth] come for seeing is believing [about Psy] as well as the Barisan Nasional, the leadership,” he told Radio Australia’s Asia Pacific.

    I have read Neil Foo’s quote ten times and still don’t understand what he’s trying to get at. Can anyone enlighten me?

    Update (Feb 11, 2013):

    K-pop sensation Psy dances into Malaysia’s political drama, Gangnam style by The Christian Science Monitor:

    Indeed, Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak pledged 20,000 new houses and a new monorail system for Penang just before Psy came out on stage. He ended his address by asking “Are you ready for Psy?” And was met with a sea of enthusiastic cheers.  When he then asked “Are you ready for BN?” it was met by a less enthusiastic response from the crowd.

    Korea’s Psy gets into Malaysia’s political fray by

    Psy was performing as part of a government-sponsored Chinese New Year celebration in Penang, which is largely seen as an opposition stronghold, which made the event more political than an outsider such as Psy might have known.

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